Circa 1860

Circa 1900


1939 Bazaar

History of Methodism in Seaford

A Brief Historic Outline

1857 Founded.

1859 The Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated at its location on Merrick Road, Atlanticville.

1915 The Church became the Seaford Church when Atlanticville was renamed Seaford.

1923 The Church was physically moved from its site on Merrick Road to its present location at the corner of Washington and Waverly Avenues.

1958 Ground broken for new Education Building. (Garfield Thompson - Pastor)

1967 Corner stone laid for new sanctuary.
(Craig Haight - Pastor)

Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke consecrates new facilities.

David Ver Nooy - Pastor 

Pastor, Dr. Richard F. Williamson arrives.

Our Church Today

2009 Dr. Richard F. Williamson retires after 32 years

2009 Reverend Dr. Edwin Jones named new Pastor of Seaford United Methodist Church





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